About Starmerx

Company profile

        StarMerx was founded in 2011, mainly engaged in cross-border E-Commerce, mobile computing, Internet data mining and other business. At present, there is more than 500 staff. In 2016, it received 45 million Yuan investment, in 2017, one hundred million Yuan.
        Currently StarMerx keeps rapid growth at platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Wish, etc., customers all over the world. Its business scope includes electronics, LED, outdoor and household products, garment and garment accessories, toys, cosmetic products and so on.
        Global Strategy
        StarMerx is based in Shenzhen, but it also has branch companies in Yantai, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Donguan, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Hong Kong and Seattle, warehouses in USA, Europe, Russia, Shenzhen and Dongguan.
        Strong Technology Power
        StarMerx is rewarded as the “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise. Its core technology team has received more than a dozen software copyrights, published dozens of thesis in the field of data mining, information retrieval and related fields. StarMerx has developed a number of leading E-Commerce projects in the aspect of computer artificial intelligence and information processing.

Our Vision

        Vission- To be top 10 customers preferred E-Commerce enabler in globally.

        Mission-To provide world class E-commerce service to customer with 100 % satisfaction.

        Enterprise spirit:

        Work hard, courage to innovate and dare to challenge.

        Work hard:Cross-border E-commerce is booming rapidly, competition is fiercer than traditional industries, and elimination is more ruthless, retreat means to die. To survive in this industry, we must continue to innovate and work hard. Starmerx chose an E-commerce providers which means we chose an innovation and a non-return journey with The Times.

        Innovation:New business forms of cross-border E-commerce are constantly emerging, and platform policies are constantly changing, which requires that we should not be stagnant or rigid in our thinking. Our company advocates the trial and error spirit, changes with no harm means helpful. In the product, the sales model, the promotion way, the management, we promotes the innovation.

        Dare to challenge:Dare to challenge is the courage to challenge the srongest company of the industry. We will work out feasible plans to give full play to our resilience and perseverance.

  • Zhang Haizheng General manager & Founder of "Starmerx E- Commerce Company."

    Zhang Haizheng holds Master of Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and also Doctor of Computer science from university of Massachusetts USA, He have served in Microsoft's Bing search, and AMZN in the United States as a Software Engineer and commercial data mining engineers. In 2013, he returned to China and started "Starmerx Electronic Commerce Co.".He has been awarded with the national honorary titles such as "science and technology leader", overseas high-level talents of "peacock plan" high-end entrepreneurial talent of "double hundred plan" etc.

  • Liao Weijun Cheif Operating Officer

    With vast experience in supply chain management , he is very much familiar with cross-border E-commerce process operation. Since joining Starmerx company in 2012, he has promoted, organized and coordinated with various major operation plans, he also promote market development tracking and strategy adjustment, set up a standardized and efficient operation management system and optimize it. Organize and coordinate various departments to implement and achieve the company's operational objectives.

  • Song Hongxiao Sales Director

    With huge management experience of electronic platform, familiar with the operation of various platforms. Since joining the starmerx business in 2014, responsible for the team building and personnel training of all the business platforms of the company, control and supervise the whole business process, to ensure the smooth operation of the business. Formulate company operation indicators, annual development plans, promote and ensure the smooth completion of business targets. Formulate strategic development and business plan for all departments of operation center, to coordinate with the work of various departments, and build and develop excellent operation teams. Provide ideas for the development direction of the company, at the same time, be responsible for improving the business process.

  • He Yaoting Brand partner

    Three masters of Arts and Sciences of University of Essen, Duisburg, Germany(Computer Linguistics / Germanic language / East Asian economy, Japanese direction). Living in Germany for 16 years, engaged in international electronic commerce for many years, familiar with marketing technology promotion. Specialized in the Amazon SEO and Germanic languages market, familiar with the operation process and competitive strategy of European and American e-commerce companies, familiar with German and EU laws and regulations, familiar with the social psychology and market rules of European and American retail industry, sensitive to the latest technology of the Internet, and rich experience in the management and training of e-commerce.

  • Zhang Dongmei Director of overseas business

    Dual professional master of industrial engineering and operational research in the US, the American quality association ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt certification. She has many years of experience in international warehousing and logistics, operation optimization and comprehensive management of enterprises in the field of international trade and e-commerce. Before joining the Starmerx company, he was engaged in the comprehensive management of cross-border electricity supplier overseas branch, and was responsible for overseas warehousing and logistics.

  • Sun Hongfei Director of overseas market expansion

    He hold Bachelor Degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and MBA from University of Southern California. He hold rich experience on multi regional management for large multinational companies. After returning to China, he has successful experience in the field of consumption from 0 to 1. He has rich experience in operation management and international vision.

  • He Yanting Director of channel sales

    International finance graduated from Peking University , engaged in international retail chain, domestic retail chain and domestic high-end consumer goods supermarket investment, procurement and sales work. She hold rich experience in optimizing the structure of commodities, optimizing merchandising, operation and management of commodities with keen market insight and commodity requirement analysis ability, familiar with cross commodity research, planning and adjustment e ntered the traditional electronic commerce industry in 2008. In 2012, joined the cross-border electronic commerce, responsible for commodity category management and channel sales.